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Ted’s Spring Dust-Down Revival 2nd April 2017

Ted’s Spring Dust-Down Revival 2nd April 2017


Mendip’s first run of the 2017 was an excellent start to a Morgan Spring.  Thirty two members enjoyed a spectacular drive through the Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire countryside in glorious spring sunshine, some not quite keeping to the planned route, but luckily, eventually arriving at the final destination!   ‘The George’, at Longbridge Deverell was a lovely setting for the sixteen (plus one Jag), shining, Morgans and for the delicious carvery that we all enjoyed.

Thank you to to Ted & Jamie for providing Mendip with this interesting and enjoyable route.


Proud ‘Nipper’.


Basking Morgans.


Read more about this scenic run in ‘Doug’s April Newsletter!

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Mendip Photographic Competition 2017

The shutters are about to open for this year’s competition and it’s your chance to seek not only fame and glory, but it’s also an opportunity to bag a very special prize! The format will be similar to last year. However, there are three important changes to note.

  1. When submitting any photo you agree that it may be used in next year’s Mendip Centre calendar, if it is decided to publish one.
  2. Photos taken from Jan. 2016 onwards will be eligible. Any taken before this time will be disqualified.
  3. Rather than uploading entries to Flickr piecemeal as they are received, this year I intend to upload the whole entry in one go, immediately after the closing date. Voting instructions will then be published.


The categories: There are 3 separate categories which each member can enter (i.e. couples/partners can individually enter) with just one photograph each per category. There will only be a single prize-winner for each category and to encourage entries, a person can only win one category. In other words we will have 3 different lucky prize-winners. See last year’s winning entries below.


Category A: A traditional “line-up/display/queue/column” of at least 2 Morgans.

Category B: A single Morgan with a backdrop of your choice

Category C: An amusing or unusual composition featuring a Morgan or part of one.


Photos submitted should only have been taken by the entrant, since 1st January 2016.    

Please annotate EACH photo with the intended category, a title and your name.              

 Send entries to: margaret by midnight Saturday 29th April 2017. 

E-mailed entries are preferred but hard copies can be handed over at any Mendip event and I can scan them in.

Following the closing date, they will be displayed on our Flickr website under the [Albums] heading, entitled “Photo Competition 2017” with each entry being identified by  just a unique serial number (A1, A2, B1, C1, etc) for identification purposes. Names of entrants will not be published apart from category winners at the end of the completion. Judging will be open to EVERYONE, whether you have entered or not, using email, after the closing date.  Details of when & how to do this will be made available nearer the time and results will be announced at the May Noggin.

Please do your best to support this competition both with entries and voting to help keep the Mendip Centre activities alive.


Last years winners of the Mendip Photographic Competition 2016 can be found here.