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MSCC Mendip Centre News – Number 126 – May 2014


 Welcome to the second newsletter in 2014. Since the last edition in March, we have all started to get out and about, with 9 events covered in this issue, albeit with about half of them getting plagued by damp conditions at some point during the day. Local events have included the ‘more upmarket’ Sunday lunch at Whatley Grange, together with noggins at The Swan and The New Inn. We also include reports on Doug’s TRUSTy trip to Barrington Court, the hastily prepared Drive-it Day to Compton Abbas and Ted’s Spring Dustdown Revival. Additionally, some members attended the Brown Shoe Lunch at Prescott with Spotmog, and also the Williams’ Open Day at Chipping Sodbury. My thanks also to contributors of articles and ideas for this edition namely Alan & Jeanne, Mike & Julia, Peter & Frances and Ted & Jamie. By the time this newsletter is in your hands the results of this year’s photo competition will be known. Margaret was a little worried about the number of entries earlier in the month but with a few reminders, things picked up and finalised with about 15 entries or so per category. So many thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the lucky winners whose winning entries will have been chosen by the membership in time for this year’s birthday party. Hope you enjoy this edition.



On the change

2014 already sees many a change of wheels within Mendip Centre .These range from Peter & Frances upgrading to a very tasty 3 litre ivory Roadster, Adrian & Gay’s increase in both space and power with their lovely blue 4 seater Plus 4 and Henry & Joy moving from the Roadster that has served them so well over the past 9 years to a spanking new Plus 4. (Same reg. & same colour; blink & you might miss it!)


Blog 1



Blog 2

Rural Life Show at Taunton Racecourse: 13th April

Margaret and I went down to this event on a lovely sunny day in April. A good selection of classic cars on display and a huge range of stalls indoors and outdoors selling an interesting range of handicrafts, clothing, tasty food (venison burgers were wonderful) and lots more. We would certainly go again. Proceeds are in aid of St Margaret’s hospice.

Just two other MOGs in attendance; our John & Elaine, who only live down the road and a couple up from Cornwall. The latter described to me how soon after purchasing his pre-used MOG, complete with power steering, he went to park it in the driveway and the steering column came away in his hands! A weld had broken on the column shaft and it looked as if it had been partially severed for some time from evidence of rust marks at the break. Despite getting the supplying dealer to send it off for metallurgical tests, it finally got lost somewhere! Is it worth checking yours?


Of all the many interesting cars on display, the Citroen Special above caught my eye, and you can see me here trying it out for size. This innovative piece of engineering placed a 2CV motor & gearbox backwards with the gearbox right up front. Drive to the front wheels was via two motor-cycle chains! Apparently it doesn’t handle too well due to poor weight distribution but the owner is working on the mark 2 version.



Sunday Lunch: The Grange, Whatley 2nd March

Typical of recent weather, it poured once more!  With Angela & Mike away in India, I might be forgiven for thinking that no-one in their right minds would take a MOG out in this. I was wrong, there were five! Bravo to Clive & Nat, Ted & Jamie; David & Linda, Peter & Francis and Alan & Jeanne; also to Mike Pa in the F-type OST!

Blog 3

The venue was new to us but what a surprise to find something like this in the middle of no-where. A cookery school doubling up as a restaurant in very tastefully converted country buildings. Think we have changed up a gear or two as the waiter came to take our coats and  to receive our orders for drinks.

Blog 4

The food was exceptionally good, well prepared and presented with puddings particularly artistic but not skimping on portion generosity.

Blog 5

Despite best efforts, we still ended up being presented with a considerable list of supposedly “unpaid for” drinks and food, but were able to prove that errors on their part were evident so a truce was called. Hope we will go back sometime.


Tax Disc Changes October 2014

I guess most of us are aware that come October, we will no longer need to display a tax disc on our vehicles. What I didn’t know, when talking with Peter S. at our Whatley Sunday Lunch, is that you will no longer be able to sell or buy a used vehicle with road tax included! The seller will have to cash in the unexpired portion, leaving the buyer to purchase his own! Considering the existing rule which only allows complete months to be refunded, methinks chancellor is in to make a few more bob out of the motorist!

Surfing round the other day, I also found that the last time Excise Duty was actually put into a government “Road Fund” budget proper, was 1937! Since then, it’s all gone into the general taxation pot. (rarely making a re-appearance as tarmac unfortunately!)


Plus Four Morgan Ale!

Blog 6

Spotted by Mike & Julia over in the land of leeks & daffodils; anyone ever come across it before?

According to the ‘net, it’s brewed by Cottage Brewery at Castle Cary. I made contact with them but they say it is a ‘seasonal brew’ & hence only available maybe one month per year!


Spotmog ‘Brown Shoe’ at Prescott:  19th March

In response to the kind invitation from Moira Norwood of Spotmog, Mendip rustled up 10 members who attended a super lunch and talk at the Bugatti Owners Club Pavilion. We all met up at mid-day to join some 113 enthusiasts, eager to hear of the exploits of Prudence Fawcett in her Series 1 MOG at Le Mans, back in 1938. Who better to present it than her son, Charles Trevelyan, who now happens to be BOC chairman.


Following pre-lunch drinks in the recently extended pavilion, we enjoyed a 3 course lunch and were soon settled back in our chairs to hear Charles’ address. An excellent orator as one might expect, he delivered a potted family history of his family’s association with the motor car, starting with grandma Rachel, who it seems, favoured American Buicks, as they had so much torque it saved changing the wretched gears!


The story of his mother Prudence, soon rolled out and with a scattering of amusing anecdotes. We learned of her exploits at Le mans at just the age of 25! Driving a Series 1 Morgan, with the support of a group of men a generation older, she put up a fine performance and had to be encouraged to slow down to preserve the car for the race duration. Certainly a woman in a man’s world was something to talk about in those days. However, having driven back home, Grandma Rachel laid down the law: ‘No more car racing as it’s not befitting of our class!’ However, during her lifetime she went on to own many exotic machines, including Ferrari, Porsche etc.


One amusing anecdote had us in fits of laughter. At some point, she and her husband decided that it would be awfully nice to own an aeroplane! They found an Italian job which they liked and squeezed in with a pilot for a test flight. All went well until the landing which was somewhat of a kangaroo affair across the field. The pilot was subsequently berated for his clumsy approach. However, Prudence later confided that that beastly pilot chappie had the audacity to move his hand, with that stick thing in it, towards her skirts as they were coming down. She kept pushing it away but he kept persisting…


Following Charles’ talk, we were addressed by John Clarke, who had found Prudence’s MOG in the U.S. and he went over and purchased it at great expense, though it had been dismantled into boxes. Having shipped it back, he never got round to restoring it and sold it on after a couple of years. The guy who restored it kindly brought it along for us to see.

Outside, FXD 280, stood gleaming in the afternoon sun accompanied by Charles’  Aston Martin LM14 which was a 1934 Le Mans team car. It was used to transport Charles’ father to his wedding in 1939, by it’s then owner, Raymond Johnson-Ferguson who was his best man. He subsequently bequeathed it to the Trevelyan family and it is now owned by Charles. This day was the first time since 1938 that the two cars had been together.


Blog 7


Overall, a great day out finished off by a visit to the on-site Bugatti museum. Grateful thanks to Nick & Sue for co-ordinating the Mendip entourage. For some interesting background on Prescott, have a read of Alan’s missive further on within this newsletter!



Noggin at The Swan, Rowberrow: 19th March

Following the Prescott meeting, it was back to Somerset where most of us met up with a total of 27 Morganeers to enjoy an evening Noggin at Rowberrow. A nice dry evening brought a good turn-out of 11 MOGs and half a dozen tin-tops.

Of note, was the latest acquisition by Adrian & Gay of a four seater +4, powered by a Rover T16, and in a similar colour blue to their previous machine. Lots of space for grandchildren no doubt. Perhaps even more astounding was the previous 24 hours for Adrian & Gay: having landed from Africa in the early hours, they drove home, did some essentials, drove up to Prescott for the day, then here to the Noggin! Phew! Whatever it is, I want some please. Also safely back from far-away India were Donald & Di and Mike & Angela with many interesting tales of their experiences.

Mike J. serving his apprenticeship as a  sandwich-board man; is the end really nigh?

Mike J. serving his apprenticeship as a
sandwich-board man; is the end really nigh?

We were also very pleased to welcome Rob Williams, a potential new member who hails from Berrow. He has been into MOGs for many years and was previously from Cranmog territory. Hopefully we will see more of him in the future.

The evening was once more a great success. The meals were of good quality and served in quick succession so thanks to Jane for co-ordinating everything in Paul’s absence.


Friday Morgan…

I occasionally have a browse on the ‘talkmorgan’ website, and this case from a sadly disillusioned ‘new to Morgan’ owner, recently came to my notice.

A new +4 purchased last year had been the subject of 6 returns to the supplying garage and 2 call-outs within the first 6 months. Amongst the plethora of faults were replacement of leaking exhaust system, cat, 2 lambda sensors, speedo and washer pump. At that stage the rev counter also started playing up and the hood release failed. Three months later, the exhaust failed again, glove box stay came loose, demister failed, paint cracked, A-pillar blistered, brake light warning lamp on dull all the time, heater knob came loose, difficulty filling with fuel and mis-firing issues. The dealer kept it for a month to sort out once and for all….11 days later the handbrake broke!

This poor guy has concluded that Morgans are a load of JUNK & to be honest who can blame him? It really should not be that bad surely. Until the factory sorts out it’s quality issues, perhaps the lesson is to buy second-hand (as long as it’s more than 6 months old)?



Currency Matters!

The recent Government announcement that the pound coin was to be replaced by a coin resembling the old threepenny bit, drew my ‘throw away’ comment of resignation: “Well, that’s about all it’s worth anyway, nowadays”

This was soon substantiated however when I saw an advert in the Telegraph inviting subscription to that quality read of old…The Beano!

Now I distinctly remember, back in the days when Biffo the Bear took the front page with Dennis the Menace on the back, this amusing and highly educational must-read set me back no less than 3d of my pocket money. The subscription price in the latest advert? 15 copies for £15…that’s  £1 a copy. I rest my fiscal case!



Latest News direct from the Morgan factory at Pickersleigh Road

Management are pleased to announce that the worker who fell into the upholstery machinery last week is now fully recovered!


‘Williams Automobiles’ Open Day Sat. 29th March

The rare chance to have a run, bathed in sunshine, persuaded a dozen Mendip Morganeers to venture up to Horton to enjoy a good day out courtesy of Williams. This time round, pre-bookings were up by 100% compared to the last one. However they took it in their stride and managed to keep the food coming! Early birds were rewarded with a BBQ breakfast, lunch presented a choice of cottage pie or bean casserole and all this was complimented by copious tea, coffee cakes and biscuits as the day progressed.

Blog 9

Two technical lecture presentations were delivered; one very informative session on the Suplex suspension (worth considering if & when your king-pins require renewal) and in the afternoon, a talk on ceramic coatings suitable for exhaust components, etc. Added to this was a fascinating insight into the history of the century old Williams business in Bristol, presented by Richard Williams.

This day also saw the official launch of the new trim shop and I believe that maybe a couple of people from Mendip were drawn towards the side-screen trims which not only enhance looks but also cut down on draughts.

Blog 10

Test drives were going on all day and I took up the challenge in the M3W. Yikes! It goes and then some. Having a motor-cycle past, the power delivery of a big vee-twin, punctuated by torque delivery in bucket loads was not unfamiliar to me. Blatting around the back roads, I never saw 5th gear but was more than content to explore it’s exhilarating acceleration in 2nd & 3rd. What brings you back to earth  though is that dreaded bump steer! I experienced it twice and it has the strange effect of immediately making you throttle back! (won’t mention involuntary squeeze of the sphincter!)

Blog 11

All in all, a great day out. Williams certainly know how to look after their customers. Look on their website for forthcoming breakfast clubs.


Doug’s TRUSTy Trip to Barrington Court: 6th April

Organising a trip is never so much the problem as the worries of what the weather might be. None more so than this time, as the forecasts during the week were wet and gloomy. However, on the day itself, despite the gloom, it wasn’t that bad! At least we made it to the rendezvous point at The Ring o Bells, Compton Martin with top down and continued in that mode all the way to our destination.


All 12 MOGs turned up in good time , and we were soon ready for the off at the planned departure time of 10.20am. Hark! Was that the sound of a swarm of bees going by on the main road? Those who still have reasonable eyesight and quick reactions, explained all, when they spotted the dreaded fluorescent lycra-clad bodies propelling like mad in a bicycle race! They were heading  towards Burrington with the likelihood of going up the Combe and across the top. Our challenge was now to follow our planned route up the Wellsway and get over the top before they did!  A quick word with the marshalls on top proved the assumption to be correct, but  I think we all made it by the skin of our cowls.


As I said later at the meal, marathons and road runners are soooo… 2013. (Many will remember last year’s TRUSTy Trip, when we got caught in the Taunton marathon and the road was closed splitting our group in two.) It seems however that cycling (bless your heart Bradley) has become the big thing for now. Having deftly avoided that one, another race appeared in the Langport area and this time, I believe a few had to follow the flow for a couple of miles.

Blog 12

Anyway that aside, it all seemed to go well. As I led the first group of 4 cars out, we were soon joined at the top of the gorge by Ted & Jamie, followed at the bottom by Chris & Yvonne. Soon spotted in a layby on the Wedmore Road was Mike Pa who joined the ever- growing snake of MOGs which was lengthened yet again by Donald & Di and Nigel’s TR5 at Somerton.

Blog 13


Blog 14


It must have made a fine sight as we wound our way at a leisurely pace through the beautiful Somerset countryside. Arriving at Barrington, we found that the Jurassic Coast contingent of Graham & Kim together with guests, Simon & Susie and Neil & Jill, had just beaten us to it. Some of our group had stopped off at  the Avalon Marshes centre on the way, but we were all parked up in good time with the opportunity to have a chat before going in to lunch.


Numbers-wise, there were 38 from Mendip in 18 MOGs, Nigel’s TR5 and Terry’s Jag;  plus 8 visitors in another 3 MOGs and one tin-top. It was a pleasure to welcome further visitors, Alan & Jennie, friends of Nigel & Viv and Nick & Kate who live nearby and came with Pete and Frances. A lovely array of Malvern’s finest on display but sadly not too many visitors due to the threatening weather.


New ‘metal & wood’ to Mendip, in the form of Pete & Frances’ tasty white Roadster and Adrian & Gay’s 4 seater +4 were on full display in daylight at last, and were much admired by members and NT visitors alike. The Strode Restaurant dining room was a very attractive location and, probably due to our numbers and the weather, thankfully our hosts had decided to close it to the public. This meant that we could sit down earlier than planned and get the refreshments under way.

Blog 15

The staff set a good example to many establishments that we visit. I had provided a spreadsheet with our names, meal choices etc with a gentle suggestion that they try to have a system to tally people with meals and extras. Young Alex, the waiter (this was the first time he had been put ‘in charge’) took this on board. So each table had a copy of the meal choices; the till had a slip for each couple prepared in advance so that extras could be directly recorded and it went like the proverbial clockwork. The gratuity bag raised almost £70. I have since sent our heartfelt thanks to Caroline Jeeves, the Barrington manager, for an enjoyable and successful day out.

The afternoon soon shot by, with a few departing sometime after 3.30pm up until the dozen or more ‘stragglers’, who having walked the gardens and taken tea, made it off site at about closing time at  5pm.


Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along and support this first run of the year and we appreciate your complimentary feedback.  Margaret has placed lots of pics on the website.

Doug & Marg



The link between Prescott and Inland Waterways: an article from Alan & Jeanne


To those who went to the SPOTMOG event at Prescott (Moira – many thanks – a very interesting day), there is a link between the climb and inland waterways which are a long standing interest of Jeanne and myself.


We have been members of the Inland Waterways Association since 1970, an organisation formed in 1947 to campaign and save the inland navigation system after the end of WW2, which although it had been incredibly useful during the war, was afterwards seen as old fashioned. Two of the leading lights in the formation of the IWA were Robert Aickman and Tom Rolt, both of whom were strong characters. Both were authors and amongst other topics wrote ghost stories (their books are now collector’s items). Rolt at the time was living on a narrow boat just outside Birmingham and had written ‘Narrow Boat’, now a waterways classic. Aickman was a fairly well connected person in London. A rather attractive lady was recruited as secretary to the organisation and took Aickman’s eye, and took to his bed as well (Aickman’s wife in her memoirs said she did not mind them ‘being together’, but she did mind taking them breakfast in bed !) As happens amongst strong characters there was a difference of opinion in policy as to the way the IWA was going, and Rolt went his separate way to become heavily involved in successful restoration of the Talyllyn Railway – he had been apprenticed in the world of steam traction engines. But Rolt’s other interest was cars, particularly the Alvis marque. Rolt’s family home at Stanley Pontlarge was just down the road from Prescott, and he became aware that Prescott House was for sale, and thought the drive to the house would make a rather good hill climb.


Being a member of the VSCC, he put the idea of buying the house to them but sufficient funds could not readily be raised, so the suggestion was passed to the Bugatti Owners Club.   Having rather deeper pockets, the money was raised and the site purchased, and is still owned by the Bugatti Club who have developed the site to the very high standard it is today. This link is the reason there is still one climb allocated to the VSCC in recognition of the original information. What happened to Rolt and Aickman’s wives is fascinating, Rolt’s ran off and joined a circus, and Aickman’s became a nun !!!  Rolt was still interested in waterways if not actively involved in the IWA, and subsequently married Sonia who was one of the ‘boatwomen’ who volunteered to operate trading boats on the canals during the war (like ‘land girls’ – but afloat).  Sonia still lives in Stanley Pontlarge, and I believe the Alvis is also still there.  A strange coincidence is that Jeanne noticed very recently that Prescott House is once again up for sale, it is now located just outside the site boundary between The Hairpin and The Esses with a separate entry drive!



Joke Corner


  • Condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion.
  • Reading while sunbathing makes you well red.
  • When two egotists meet, it’s an I for an I.
  • A bicycle can’t stand on its own because it is two tired.


Noggin at The New Inn, Blagdon: 16th April


A beautiful sunny spring evening drew 37 Morganeers to Blagdon in 17 MOGs and a couple of tin-tops. Two vehicles in the car park of particular note. One, a customer’s red V12 E-type, with top down looked stunning. However, it was soon outnumbered by Mendip Mogs and made an early departure, clearing it’s throat as it burbled out of the car park.

Blog 16

The other vehicle, which one could almost have missed, as it was in a similar colour to a certain Euro-trotting Roadster that we are so familiar with,  was Henry & Joy’s brand new Plus 4.

Blog 17

Just one day old, it looked a perfect sight with gleaming coachwork and tastefully contrasting leather and trim. Henry says the roadster had done well over 70,000 miles. Congratulations to you both and we’re sure that you’ll have many happy motoring miles to come. The food, as always was very good though the pub this time round, had it’s work cut out in delivering the meals in a timely fashion. No signs of the landlord and with a pre-limit of 35 placed upon us, they were obviously trying to  keep numbers within manageable proportions.


Finally, a heartfelt rendering of Happy Birthday was delivered to Di, who apparently had reached the biblical milestone. Myth?



‘Drive-it’  Day: Sunday 27th April


Mendip had plans in the making for drive-it day but unfortunately they didn’t come to fruition due to unforeseen circumstances. So rather than miss out on this national initiative, we came up with a last minute idea to have a breakfast run down to Compton Abbas airfield. To make a day of it, Nick contributed the idea to extend our drive with a visit to Larmer Tree gardens, just a couple of miles or so away, and set in the beautiful landscape of Cranborne Chase. Apologies to those of you who couldn’t take up this opportunity due to short notice but also many thanks to all 20 Morganeers who did manage to support the event without being deterred by the wet stuff.


Not the best of weather, with threatening black skies and forecast showers but we personally still made most of the journey down topless, only relenting for the final 10 minutes. By the time Mike Pa arrived some 30 minutes later, the weather was living up to forecast but he still made it sans screens & top! In all we had 10 MOGs and the TR gracing the car park. Not a lot to keep them company apart from 3 1930s Rileys and 3 VW Karmanns and a nice little blue Midget.

Blog 18

As the rain did its thing, we resorted to the café and tucked in to our breakfasts and bacon rolls, all of which were served in quick succession. Sadly no flying today; a micro-lite tried the strip ponderously but you could see the splashes coming from the wheels a she taxied and the pilot soon wisely gave up.


Before long, the weather had cleared and we were off to the gardens. Interesting follies galore, many dating back to the late 1880s when the layout was created by General Pitt Rivers. Also to catch our attention were a flock of peacocks with several males strutting about with their plumage up in full fettle. To add to this there were a couple of parakeets flying about displaying their beautiful colours. A wedding reception also took place in the grounds with the bride arriving in a vintage white roller, with matching brollies to keep her as dry as possible.

Blog 19


Having done the walks, we then filled the little café to capacity where we indulged in afternoon tea and cakes. Terry & Babs mentioned that quite by co-incidence, BOGMOG had put an email out to their members, to go to the airfield in the afternoon. So most of us went back there to meet up but alas only 2 of them turned up, soon followed by a couple from LOGMOG. Anyway, an excuse for yet more refreshments until we finally departed, eager to do zig-zag hill downwards this time and on  into yet more showers for the homeward journey.

On reflection, we could have sat at home all day looking out of the window and moaning about the weather… but not hardly as much fun!


Ted’s Spring Dustdown Revival: Sunday 11th May


After a breather of a couple of years, we were all delighted to see the return of Ted’s Spring Dustdown 2014. Despite the inclement weather that greeted us first thing in the morning, (seems par for the course so far in 2014), a long line up of MOGs soon made their presence known, at the planned rendezvous of the lorry park at Nunney Catch.

Blog 20

Ahead, was a well thought out and documented route of some 47 miles which took us through some beautiful countryside with blue belled woodland, interesting villages and fantastic views. Thankfully, the weather came to its senses soon after setting off as roads started to dry, though many kept their tops up until arrival at the destination.


Taking unclassified roads down through Whitham Friary and up through the woods, we went on  towards Kilmington Common and then down through Stourhead. Travelling on to places we had never visited before, such as Gasper and Penselwood, (gloriously bedecked in bluebells) we then headed on towards Cucklington before coming back into civilisation at Gillingham. From here it was across to Shaftesbury and then back onto B-roads for the delights of zig-zag hill at Melbury Abbas.


Up until then, Margaret and I were tail enders in a line of 6, but at the top of zig-zag, there was some hesitation, with one MOG overshooting the turn and another (Clive & Nat) drawn by the whiff of breakfast bacon at Compton Abbas airfield. We now moved up to 4th position!

Not long after, another point of indecision was met and as things drew to a halt whilst directions were checked, before we knew it we were heading up the group! A lovely run through Tisbury, followed by Hindon, which especially stuck in our minds for a future sunny revisit.

Blog 21

Very soon, we were at our destination, The George Inn at Longbridge Deverill. A huge car park but which soon filled as the MOGs poured in; some 25, I counted at one point.

Though the pub wasn’t officially open on arrival, we were thankfully able to use the facilities. The weather by now was sunny but still a bit breezy. Plenty of time for a chat and to greet other arrivals before we took up places in the dining room.


Here we were presented with a super carvery; excellent quality and quantity. If that wasn’t enough, when the sweet trolley made it’s appearance, several of us (was it all men?) succumbed to generous portions of a wide choice of statin-exercising puddings. Such was the organisation at the pub, we were all fed and watered by soon after 2 pm and people then started to depart, now with tops down, to enjoy the lovely afternoon sunshine.

Blog 22

Peter is delighted to share his huge portion of Lemon Meringue Pie!


A few of us went back to Stourton, walked off the lunch in the beautiful grounds and polished off an ice cream or two to complete a really super day out. Always nice as well to meet up with our Wessex neighbours. Our grateful thanks to Ted & Jamie for organising such a successful event. The route details in particular were well prepared and we were thankful that Ted had gone to a lot of trouble (including re-issuing an update of the whole route) in ensuring that we avoided dangerous crossings over the A30, severely pot holed surfaces and various road closures that were in effect. Any surplus funds will be donated to Wessex and Mendip centres.



Committee Bits ‘N’ Bobs


  • A meeting was held at The New Inn, Blagdon 14th April; salient points included:


  • Finances still very healthy; able to provide pre-dinner drink at Birthday party


  • Regalia sales picking up. Some stock items available for a “try on first”


  • Events discussions on St Georges Day (cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances);


  • Drive it Day; Birthday Party inc. annual awards; Subterranean Experience to Beer; Caves; Tinney Tour; LogMog joint trip to Haynes Motor Museum; Bristol Classic Car Show & Classics at the Crescent.


  • Photo Competition: entries low at present. New photo album purchased with a selection of this year’s photos displayed.


  • Committee’s 3 year term ends November.  Need for some replacements.




This November will see  the completion of the standard 3 years service term of the present committee. Although a few may decide to give it another bash we will certainly need some fresh blood.


For your information, the roles comprise Secretary, Treasurer, Events, Regalia and Editorial. Each position, with the exception of the Treasurer’s role, may be shared by a couple to ease the workload. It normally entails about 4 or 5 meetings per year but for a better insight, why not chat to the committee members themselves?


Summer is coming!

 Now the weather is improving you will notice a few ladies wearing rugby or polo shirts with one of our three logos.  Also there are new sweatshirts about, for chilly days or evening drives and caps for the sun. Catalogues are available at most noggins and events and there are some samples for you to look at or even try, if appropriate.

Children and grandchildren can also be catered for, and love sporting sweatshirts and hoodies with a Morgan Club logo. We also have a few wine coolers and mugs.



Joke Corner

A little silver-haired lady calls her neighbour and says, “Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can’t figure out how to get started.”

Her neighbour asks, “What is it supposed to be when it’s finished?”
The little silver haired lady says, “According to the picture on the box, it’s a rooster.”
Her neighbour decides to go over and help with the puzzle.
She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table.
He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box, then turns to her and says,
“First of all, no  matter what we do, we’re not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a rooster.”
He takes her hand and says, “Secondly, I want you to relax. Let’s have a nice cup of tea, and then, he said with a deep sigh ………….

“Let’s put all the Corn Flakes back in the box.”

Alan A


Mendip Link

All contributions from your experiences are welcomed for the mutual benefit of members. Just try to keep it as short and to the point as poss.



Whilst at the Williams open day, I took advantage of their special offer on a trigger operated grease gun with 2 cartridges of grease for £45. I have always found it difficult to keep the flexxy fairly straight with one hand to stop grease squirting out sideways, whilst trying to hold the body & operate the lever with the remaining hand. Being trigger action, this is now a doddle. Also the extra long flex makes it easier to reach the top nipples. (Yes, I know I could have remote greasers fitted but being me, I would still want to crawl underneath to ensure it hadn’t contaminated the discs). A good piece of kit.



Disclaimer – Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in this Newsletter is accurate, the Officers cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy in any  article or advertisement.

The New Inn At Blagdon Noggin – 16th April 2014

Sparkling Spring sunshine brought seventeen Morgans to the ‘New Inn’,  Blagdon, for the club’s monthly noggin, thirty seven members in total.



Everyone brought their pre-dinner drinks into the car park to mingle among the marvellous Morgans! An admiring crowd  gathered around Henry and Joy’s one day old Connaught Green Morgan Plus 4; the same colour as their old Roadster.



After an enjoyable meal the members settled down to have a good chin wag.



Who says men chat less than women!


A good time was had by all.



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